"...Go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me." ~Genesis 27:3

2011 Deer Kills:

  • Brandon Risley KS Whitetail
  • Christian Bond Dozer 198" Whitetail Nate Brown NE Mule DeerNate Brown WhitetailDanny Risley OK WhitetailChristian Bond OK 8 point
  • Shane Risley 170" Whitetail
  • Doug Schoeling Whitetail Deer

Welcome to "Hunt'N with the 405 BOYz"

After years of hunting together the Oklahoma BOYz finally teamed up and decided to share their experiences with the public. Even though not all of their hunts are captured on a video camera, they are forever remembered.

The 405 BOYz are made up of three close friends (Nathan Brown, Christian Bond, and Brandon Risley) who all share a passion to hunt. When you combine three good friends and the outdoors you get endless laughs and memories. It's our goal to bring the outdoors to you.

Over time we have collectively obtained access to over 15,000 acres of prime Oklahoma hunting land where Whitetail Deer, wild Rio Grande Turkeys, and Waterfowl are abundant. Our hunts have high success on trophy animals.

We thank God for the giving us this life, this time, and this skill to hunt wild game.  

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'11 Hunt of The Year

Click Here>> to View the Near 200'' Kansas Whitetail Hunt.

The Oklahoma BOYz venture into SE. Kansas and capitalize on a GIANT with the old stick and string!

The infamous buck which we all call Dozer, finally hits the dirt. After two years of hunting the big 17 point and one unfortanite opportunity by Nathan Brown; Christian Bond capitalizes, after he releases a rage into the bucks rib cage... Watch above, as the story unfolds when two hunters shoot the same buck; but, only will finally recover the giant!

Read the entire article here on Realtree.com

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Would you like to go hunting with the 405 boyz? Fill out our contact form with your information and you could be one of the lucky one's to win a hunt with the Boyz in the near future. Our passion is videoing all hunts, including: archery, rifle, and/or shotgun. Follow the Boyz on Facebook. Stay in tune with tips on killing huge whitetails like Dozer. Are you looking for hunting videos for your outdoor show? How about whitetail archery kills or grazing antelope in Wyomming? If you'd like to contact Nate, Christian, or Brandon on Hunting with the 405 Boyz than visit our contact page and fill out the form.

Here are some fun facts about the Boyz:
Christian Bond is originally from Kingfisher, OK. This hunter was introduced to the outdoors at age 8 by his step-Dad, Larry. Ever since then he's bagged everything from creek ducks to dense wooded whitetail bucks.

Brandon Riseley was born in Texas but quickly moved to Edmond, OK. He and his brother Shane first started hunting turkeys at a young age. Although he wasn't born into hunting, Brandon always loved being in the outdoors and Turkey hunting is what got him hooked in harvesting wild game.

Nate Brown was raised in Guthrie, OK. His father was a dentist so Nate too wasn't raised in the woods. At a young age Brice Semrad, one of Nate's best friends introduced him to dove and whitetail deer hunting. Nate wasn't as much of a trophy hunter then as he is now, but still loves the pursuit and harvesting of wild game.

If you'd like to learn more about Hunting With The 405 Boyz, check us out on Facebook or watch our videos. Each video was captured by one of the Boyz and of free roaming animals.